Singhasini Industries was established in Nineteen fifties for the manufacturing of Impact type Pulverisers. In those days these mills were not made in India and therefore were being imported from Britain. The target use was grinding of the tamarind seed. The promoters developed the pulveriser and successfully ground the tamarind seed. Fineness achieved was unbelievable as at that time stone chakkis were the standard equipment for its grinding and the output was quite coarse. In those days even the minerals were ground in stone chakkis. It was the vision of Singhasini that took them into offering pulveriser for mineral grinding and later on extend its use for variety of materials ranging from mineral, chemical and food. Singhasini also developed pulveriser in different sizes requiring 10 HP to 150 HP to run depending upon the user requirement. The policy worked and the pulveriser became the standard equipment for grinding variety of materials.

  Singhasini masters in technology of making equipment which works on Impact and Attritions such as Pulverizer, Screen Type Pulveriser, Desintegrator, Double Driver Pulveriser, Hammer Mill, Roller Mill, Sulphur Grinder, Ball Mill, etc. Besides the grinding equipment Singhasini also make mixing and classification equipment such as ribbon blender, Double Cone Mixer, Air Classifier, Turbo Sifter etc.

  Time to time introduction of innovative changes have helped the equipments specially Impact Type Pulveriser to evolve and become more efficient. Some of these are:
Modifying the 3-Roller Mill for Sulphur Grinding
Installing the entire Pulveriser on Anti Vibration Base Frame
Modifying the Pulveriser to Separate Meta; from Dross
Electronic Feed Controller for check over load and protecting the Motor
Double Drive Pulveriser having independent drive for Mill and Blower for fine grinding

   Connecting the Mill with Pulse-Jet Dust Collector for Dust free operation. After being in the industry for more than sixty years, Singhasini has earned a goodwill which has helped it make its presence felt in Mineral, Chemical and Food industry in almost every part of the country. To name a few
   In Rajasthan Singhasini Pulveriser are running in POP industry for Calcined Gypsom grinding.
In Andhra & Karnataka, Fullers Earth and Soap stone industry has most of Singhasini Pulverisers.
Singhasini Sulphur grinder has now become almost a standard equipment for Sulphur grinding.
   In Spices Industry our Pulverisers and Screen type pulverisers are used for grinding Chilly, Turmeric, Coriander.
The Promoters are technically qualified with decades of experience behind them which helps them design and produce world class, efficient and easy to use Mills to cater all type of grinding requirement.

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