Air Classifier

Singhasini Air Classifier is a versatile unit used for separation of dry powder material into fine and coarse parts. They can be used for variety of applications ranging from chemical, mineral to food stuffs and metal powders. The classifier can be used independently or in closed circuit operation with the grinding mill. 
The material to be separated is fed throgh the hopper at the top on to a rotating disc, called distributing plate, which spread the material uniformly all around. Up coming air stream circulated by a fan, picks up the fine material which passes through rotating whizzer blades into outer cone from where it is collected. Heavier fraction fall down in the inner cone and collected at the bottom. 
The classifier is sturdy in construction fabricated with M.S. sheets and plates of suitable thickness. The vertical shaft is driven from the top by electric motor. The entire unit is supported over channel frame. It can be coupled with the Pulveriser for increasing the quality of material . The final product in such case is collected from the discharge of Classifier. 

The Classifier is available in four different sizes having following specifications:

  Met. H.P.
AC-30 0.750   3-5
AC-40 1.000  5-7.5
AC-50 1.250 7.5-10
AC-60 1.500  10-12

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