3 - Roller Mill

Operating Principle
The Grinding in Singhasini Roller Mill takes place by attrition and compression, which results due to the centrifugal force generated by the suspended Rollers running inside a stationary Bull Ring. The material is pushed between the revolving set of Rollers and Bull Ring and gets ground.An Upgoing stream of air lifts the fine material which passes through a classifier, the course particles are rejected and fine material is being collected in a cyclone collecter.
Special Features
Simultaneous grinding, drying and classification
Good control of particle size to give uniform fineness of the pulverised material
Dustless operation by operating mill under negative air pressure
Low Power consumption per tonne of material
Efficient and automatic operation
Automatic feeder for smooth and steady operation contributing to efficient grinding

Power (H.P)
Kgs/hr Main Mill Blower 
RM-01S 100-250 7.5 7.5
RM-02S 250-800 15.0 20.0
RM-03S 800-1500 25.0 25.0
Asbestos Dolomite Organic Insecticides (BHC, DDT)
Activated Carbon Graphite Phosphate Rock
Barytes Gypsum Pigments
Bentonite Kaoline Silicates
Bauxite Lime Stone Soap-Stone, Marble
China Clays Magnesite Sulphur
Coal Magnesium Oxide Talc Phosphates

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